Final Bids:

  1. Scarlet & Violet Flowers for a month + delivery: £250
  2. Moberly: Twin £500; single x 2 £300 + £286
  3. Maqam Centre: Pilates £100; Yoga £120; Ladies Swim £80; Baby swim term £230
  4. Parlour meal: £200
  5. Kensal Pines:  £60
  6. Ida meal: £200 + £185
  7. The Lexi: £85
  8. Gym Locomotive: £115 + £40 + £40
  9. Mindful Kids: £100
  10. Bagsoflove: £110

TOTAL: £3,001!


2018 Auction Prizes – bid by 16th Dec – NEW PRIZES ADDED!

We are fortunate enough to have been donated some wonderful prizes.

Don’t be shy!

Please bid by text to 07753 949 301 by 9pm on Sunday 16th Dec.

If you prefer you can also email a bid to or make any bids public on Instagram @kensalqueenspark. 

You will be told if you are highest bidder or as soon as you are ever outbid and current bid levels will be displayed on the instagram feed.

Every penny will be paid by you direct to our two charities (or one of them, if you prefer).

Lot 1

Beautiful bouquets every week for a month, delivered to your home

There are florists and then there is Scarlet & Violet.

Check out their luscious Instagram feed @scarletandviolet where they are also running an auction for The Avenues. Simply stunning.  

And Vic has very generously donated a fresh bouquet once a week for a month, delivered to your door!

Please text “Bouquets” and your amount to 07753 949 301

Or email your bid to

STOP PRESS – The current highest bid is £200


Lot 2

Annual Health Suite memberships of the Moberly Sports Centre 

Once you’ve got through all that December food, you’ll need to make good your New Year’s Resolutions.

Here’s a chance for you to bid for the £28m Moberly access-all-areas top package.

And/or buy the same healthy festive present for your partner, too!

The very community-minded Moberly team are offering THREE memberships for auction. These would usually worth £2,016 together!! But every penny will be going to help our two charities instead.

This is potentially the biggest money earner of all for this auction. We can arrange a “Try it before you buy” option – and you can also pay in monthly installments if paying in one go is not possible.

Text “Get me fit” with your amount to 07753 949 301! 

Text “Get fit for 2 people” with your amount to 07753 949 301! 

Or email a bid to

STOP PRESS – the current highest bid is £400 for the double package. No bids as of 14/12 for the single membership!! Grab yourself a bargain! Text or email now?

Lot 3

Swimming, yoga, pilates at the Maqam Centre

The Maqam Centre is an amazing community hub.

It offers not just swimming and great food and coffee but a wide range of classes and a meeting space for hire.

Jacquee is kindly offering different Lots, instead of one. You can bid for one, two or all!

  1. Block of 10 Yoga/Pilates Classes – text “Yoga” or “Pilates”
    and your amount to 07753 949 301
  2. A term of Baby Swimming Lessons (worth £280 full price) – text “baby swim” 
    and your amount to 07753 949 301
  3. Block of 10 Ladies only swim sessions (worth £72 full price) – text “ladies swim” and your amount to 07753 949 301

 Or email your bid to or on Instagram @kensalqueenspark

STOP PRESS – bids are at £120 for Yoga; £100 for pilates; £200 for baby swim 

No bids as of 14/12 for ladies swimming

Lot 4

A gastro family treat at The Parlour!

Jesse and his team already support St Laurence’s Larder.

They provide work experience for those trying to get into work and teach volunteers how to cook so the hungry get tasty hot food.

Their imaginative seasonal menus have something for everyone. And Kirsten would love a family of four (or two couples) to come and enjoy a feast (up to the value of £175!). 

Text “Parlour Feast” and your amount to 07753 949 301! Good luck!

STOP PRESS – the highest bid is currently £150.

Lot 5

Your Christmas Tree sorted! 

Claude at Kensal Pines on Wrentham/Chamberlayne has an impressive range again of great value Nordmann Firs and Norway Spruces.

He’ll even throw in delivery to your home to the bargain!

 Text “Xmas Tree” to 07753 949 301 with your amount or email or Instagram @kensalqueenspark 

STOP PRESS – we have a £60 bid for the Xmas tree. Thank you! Anyone is welcome, of course, to bid higher. x

Lot 6

An Italian home-made treat – dinner for four at Ida 

Ida have supported St Laurence’s Larder for years.

They will now also treat the bid winner and three other guests to their famous home-cooked Italian menu, which includes handmade pasta made every day.

The restaurant, on Kilburn Lane, has been described as a “hidden gem” and a top five London Italian restaurant by food critics.

Simonetta and the Ida team are donating up to £175 meal cost, ensuring you also get to try all the courses (and maybe wine and great coffee?)!  

Text “Pasta Feast” with your bid offer to 07753 949 301! or email 

STOP PRESS – the highest bid for Ida is currently £185.

Lot 7

Annual Joint Membership of the Lexi Cinema

Our wonderful Lexi already gives its profits to charity.

It also serves as a drop-off point for donations to Sufra NW and Brent Foodbank.

How brilliant of them also therefore to also offer two annual memberships of the Lexi (worth £70) in return for your winning bid?

Perfect local Christmas gifts?

You can bid for one membership if you prefer.

Text “I am Cinema” with your amount to 07753 949 301 or email (Instagram @kensalqueenspark) to bid

The current highest bid is £30 for two memberships.

Lot 8 – three hours of Personal Training at

Thank you, Maciej, owner of The Tay’s Gym Locomotive, for the very generous offer of 3 x 1hr Personal Training.

Maciej’s training system is “based on movement correction, strength and conditioning, supplemented by high intensity interval training. It’s adaptable to every condition, age and gender”.

His sessions usually cost £50 each but he will ask instead for the winning bidder to donate direct to St Laurence’s and/or Sufra NW.

Bid @kensalqueenspark on Instagram, email or text “PT for me” to 07753 949 302.

Happy bidding! 

STOP PRESS – we have a bid of £50 for the PT. Can we go higher? According to a neighbour: “….I totally recommend him! I was one of his first dedicated clients”……

Lot 9 – Design & Make your own beautiful gifts

Did you know that in just 72 hours you could have your own branded product in your hands and an online platform to show others so they could order it, too? hand-prepare and print almost any design from an incredible 400+ products over in Park Royal.

So you can personalise a high-quality bag, jacket, scarf, suitcase, t-shirt, cup, bed linen, poster, curtains etc etc using their simple online templates.

Or have the children make the perfect and totally unique Christmas presents. Or use this corporately for your next event.

Chris & Fran live on the same street as St Laurence’s and wanted to help by offering £250-worth of credit for you or the family to create any products you like!

Bid the full amount – every penny will go to St Laurence’s and Sufra NW.

Or you are very welcome to see if you can pick up a bargain before Sunday night! 

TEXT: “Create” to 07753 949 301 or email

More pics on Instagram @kensalqueenspark. 

Check out their sibling company also. 

Lot 10 – A term of Mindful Kids Classes + 1:1

The popularity of Mindfulness classes for adults and for children has skyrocketed in recent years. Mindful Kids, run by Ciaran (a Queens Park mum) will introduce your child to the calming benefits of focusing their minds.

The goal is to help children “discover the peace and calm within themselves…Using our effective N.A.P. strategy (Notice – Accept – Plan), children will learn to pause and notice how they are feeling, accept and understand why they are experiencing those feelings, and make a positive plan of action using the tools that they have learned”.

Not only would your child receive a term of classes (value of £100); they would also receive a private session which could involve other members of the family (value of £50).

More information is at or on Instagram @mindfulkidslondon. 

Text “Mindfulness” to 07753 949 301; email or bid via Instagram @kensalqueenspark. Good luck!                      

A huge thank you!

Thank you to the Moberly Sports CentreThe Maqam CentreThe ParlourScarlet & VioletKensal Pines, Ida, The Lexi, GymLocomotive, & Mindful Kids for their generous support. All local companies supporting two great local charities.

Please get in contact if you’d like to add a prize for your local business in support of St Laurence’s Larder and/or Sufra NW.

Research shows that 63p of every £1 spent in a local store stays in the local economy.